3 tips to increase reliability in steel plants

One point overlooked in steel plants and is killing the reliability of your production line is not using the right and updated technologies, if we look at most steel transformation plants those plants were created so many years ago and normally ( not all of those) never get updated in terms of technology and these are 3 points to take in account to increase the life cycle of your elements and reliability of your production line.


Not using heat resistant actuators: We all know in steel transformation there is a considerable amount of heat who is damaging pneumatic actuators causing the seals to be weaker and cause to have to exchange them and service the whole actuator.

Not having a decent air quality: Air quality is a topic very well implemented in food and pharma plants due to the regulation around them and is overlooked in hard industries and is crucial to keep a non-crystalized inside parts avoiding air leaks.

• Not using powder collectors: Powder collectors will protect not only actuators but machines and the whole production line avoiding frequent paintings, mechanical stockings, and more important collecting these material to sell it to other manufacturing plants.